JLM Debuts its Fall 2016 Collections on the Runway

JLM Couture Debuts its Fall 2016 Collections on the Runway

Our JLM Couture Runway Show started New York Bridal Fashion Week off with a bang. Our three designers have really outdone themselves this season! Below you will see photos straight off the runway and inspiration on the collections from each designer!

Hayley Paige

“Always in search of a great juxtaposition, this season is very much a Victorian aficionado wildly following the call of the disco ball. There are hints of baroque and dashes of iridescence, but the main foundation is offbeat beauty.” - Designer Hayley Paige

Hayley Paige Bridal Collection - Fall 2016

Hayley Paige Bridal Collection - Fall 2016

Red Carpet Collection by Hayley Paige

Hayley Paige Red Carpet Collection - Fall 2016

Jim Hjelm by Hayley Paige

“This collection came with a better comprehension of the modern beauty and is uncompromisingly valiant. I wanted a sense of world weariness in the silhouettes and a touch of artistry in the applications.” - Designer Hayley Paige

Jim Helm by Hayley Paige Bridal Collection - Fall 2016

Alvina Valenta designed by Jessica Williams

"I like to think of the Alvina Valenta Fall 2016 Collection as, “In The Garden Of Mystery And Enchantment.”  I was thinking of a bride finding herself in a lush, overgrown, forgotten garden – a secret garden – full of free-flowing flowering vines and foliage, and in this garden, hidden pockets of magic reveal themselves to the one who ventures inward and looks beyond the surface." - Designer Jessica Williams


Alvina Valenta Bridal Collection - Fall 2016

Ti Adora designed by Jessica Williams

“Ti Adora this season is all about a soul seeking vision quest.” - Designer Jessica Williams

Ti Adora Bridal Collection - Fall 2016


“This season is all about revealing sensuous romanticism, diaphanous fabrics, crystalized beading, luscious silhouettes and shear layering of ethereal fabrics.” - Designer Lazaro Perez

Lazaro Bridal Collection - Fall 2016

Lazaro Bridal Collection - Fall 2016

Cheers to the beautiful Fall '16 collections!

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