New Just Got Paiged Episodes: Shredding for the Wedding + How to Use Holy Matrimoji!

It's Tuesday and you know the drill, the latest episodes are live in Hayley Paige's YouTube Series, JUST GOT PAIGED. Sunday's episode, Quick 20-Minute No-Gym, No-Equipment Workout, is all about shredding for your wedding. Hayley and fitness coach, Conrad Louis, round up their favorite tips for (easy) morning workouts that are perfect for even the busiest brides. Today's episode is My Wedding Emoji App - Holy Matrimoji By Hayley Paige. One of Hayley's favorite creative projects that started as wedding-related emojis has officially expanded! Watch the video for more details on what's new, how to use it and how the app came to be.

Download Holy Matrimoji on your Apple mobile device with the link below! Stay tuned and subscribe to see more episodes! 





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