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Melissa and Max

York, PA, United States

Our wedding was nothing short of extra special - and I mean that in multiple ways. For one, it was special in the sense that it was the most unforgettable, beautiful, unique, magical, once-in-a-lifetime kind of event you could ever dream of. Also, remember when you drew on the walls as a child? Your parents were conflicted since you disobeyed house rules, but they couldn’t get mad at you for expressing your creativity, so they call your art “special?" That’s also what I mean. Let me explain. To start, Melissa had her absolute dream wedding gown, thanks to the very talented Hayley Paige (she was drooling at the dress online, tried it on at her bridal boutique, and the rest was history!) Deciding on the venue was also a no-brainer. Given that Max’s loved ones were from New Jersey and Melissa’s were from Maryland, the obvious choice was to make it equally inconvenient for all attendees – at an old barn (stocked to the brim with beer and cider), in the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania! That, and the location was very close to our favorite hard-to-find ice cream parlor (which we ended up treating our guests with for dessert). Next, it is no secret that Max is very frugal and Melissa is very artistic. While most people would find those traits unrelated, irrelevant and random, on our wedding day it made for the quirkiest combination – homemade painted pumpkins and drink koozies with our faces on them. Our big day was in autumn, so what better way to give off a personalized fall vibe than picking our own big orange vegetables and painting them with designs that show off who we are? Picture this: the pumpkins spelled out M&M (our initials, not the candy), a purple heart (not related to the military award – it’s just our favorite color), and the sweet silhouette of a Pomeranian (our puppy’s breed). Speaking of our dog, did I mention that he was the ring bearer? Oh yes, we don’t go anywhere without our “third wheel”, who goes by the name Milton. Milton was dressed to impress in a tuxedo and assigned the esteemed role of ring bearer. Did he follow instructions made firmly clear during the dress rehearsal? No. Did he interrupt the wedding ceremony with barks of affection and until we gave in and held him during our vows and lifted him like Simba in ‘The Lion King’? Yes, but it wouldn’t be extra special without it.

Now onto the day itself. Max isn't much of a cryer (unless you count Pixar movies or those ASPCA commercials with Sarah McLachlan), but when he saw his soon-to-be bride in her beautiful stunning dress during their first look, the feels took over and he was powerless to the waterworks. His first words were "it's so white!"

To continue, we have to rewind a bit to a couple weeks before the event. Back then, Max and Mel were hysterically checking the weather, since it was calling for storms the day of our marriage. Now, while Alanis Morissette might call rain on your wedding day ironic (it’s not, that makes no sense), we called it a big ole’ problem, since our ceremony was outside. Thankfully, the odds were ever in our favor, as the sky cleared up on cue with a big beautiful natural spotlight on the chapel right as we said our “I do’s”. How extra special is that?

As the wonderful ceremony ended and the cocktail hour commenced, Mel and Max rushed around taking photos, and greeting their amazing friends and family who trekked from all over the globe to celebrate their big day. Seriously, to name a few, we had guests from California and Washington state travel across the entire country to spend 24 hours with us. We couldn’t have asked for a better group to be surrounded by. By the time we finished our rounds, we were bummed to discover that the cocktail hour was ending. Thankfully, our super wedding coordinating crew came through in the clutch with some pigs in a blanket (Mel’s favorite appetizer) put off to the side for us to snack on. Our compliments to the chef! The night continued with heartfelt, yet hilariously brutal roasts of the newlyweds by their guests of honor. Whether it be Max’s parents cosplaying as him with “hipster” glasses and Coldplay t-shirts (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?), or their siblings lovingly mocking their oddball habits, there were many tears to be had – both from laughing and getting all choked up. Family and friends from all across the then globe gathered on the dance floor and boogied the night away to everything from the Beatles to Lady Gaga. All in all, our wedding was nothing short of the fairytales you see in Disney movies or read as a kid before going to bed. Looking back, Melissa said she wouldn’t have changed a thing, and Max agrees. We thank all of our loved ones for making the journey to celebrate the best day of our lives, our wedding planner, catering staff, photographer, florist, DJ, officiant etc. who gave the Ringling Brothers a run for their money when it comes to the greatest show on earth, and anyone else who was a part of this extra special, unforgettable, unique, magical, once-in-a-lifetime kind of event. This is one for the books, folks!

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