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Cendrella and Wadih


I met my husband at work. I knew he was the one the first moment I laid my eyes on him. I tried every way to meet him. I was very carefree before I saw him and still did not meet any that I wanted to marry. I talked to him, and we used to take our ritual morning coffee together and chat a little. He insisted to go for a date but I resisted his attempts for a date, because I thought that office romance would never last.
He finally adopted a different tactic. He would take one rose a day to my desk. It drove me and the other employees crazy. After a month of one flower a day, I got my date. How sweet he was! We became each other's best friend and still are today. Wadih and I had such an attraction to each other, such chemistry, we truly feel like kindred spirits, fated to be together. We have been together for three years now, married for one and a half year, and still going strong of happy married life together, and I still tell people he's the best thing I ever got from my last job.

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